Who is SculptTouch? We make women fall in love with their bodies, our shapewear is built for movement and expresses itself through fun, stylish, athleisure clothing and shapewear solutions that work and fit the body. We focus on making you feel good.

Hi everyone~ I'm Camille 👋 I'm the founder of SculptTouch. I was born and raised in Rio, when my father was in the Faja business.

We moved to America when I was 8 years old. My dad continues to run his faja business and pay our bills. When I was a teenager, I started noticing a huge demand for shapers.

My mom and her friends wear shapewear and waist trainers all day. The Faja shaper is her everyday staple. As I learned more about shapewear, I was thinking about designing and making a waist trainer for my mom. And this waist trainer has to be all-day comfort and sculpting Max! So I spent 6 months designing the prototype. with the help of my father. I went to China to find a manufacturer.

It took me 4 months to find the best fabric that is super stretchy, comfortable, and has maximum body shape. When I got the prototype, I was wearing my own design. I wear it all day. It's comfortable and easily tightened my waist by 4 inches. I named the product "Camille" in my name.

Back in the US, I started my own company and brand called Sculpt Touch.

Like the brand name, I think body sculpting should be as comfortable and easy as "Touch"

Unlike all waist trainers on the market, our Camille is a complete game changer. The girls are fascinated by Camille.

With the advantage of my manufacturer sourcing. We also offer other molding machines with better quality and cheaper price.

We want to be the next-generation female body sculpting solution for everyone.

Be proud of being a woman and be proud of your body type.

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